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10 Best Birthday Gifts For A Truly Kpop Lover

Kpop fans, or any other aspect of Korean entertainment industry, don’t just listen and watch the products - they live it! Just in case you’re having a hard time picking gifts for that one-special-Kpop-lover, we made a list just in time for you. Have a look! 


The most wanted item on earth is here! With iKon, BTS, EXO,.. and many more with recent great albums, or maybe even older desired ones - this is the gift that no Kpop fan could ever resist! 


Imagine waking up with your idols looking at you with the shiniest smiles! Or, having bias on your walls and all around your room! YES, YES, YES – that’s what we’re talking about!

Posters are perfect to have and give, too! Not to mention, many of them come with low prices!

 3. T-SHIRTS: 

Who doesn’t love T-shirts – an everyday item that can match any kind of activities? Kpop fashion tees – combinations of fashion and simplicity - are just the right choice to show the world your love for Kpop stars!


We all know what you wear affect how you feel - be SWAGGER than ever with your favorite Idol-themed hoodie/jacket and let the love for your bias shine!


Some Kpop fans happen to be jewelry lovers. Varied from designs to materials, these will be the perfect gifts that any Kpop lover could ever ask for.  

6. SOCKS: 

Whether you’re doing sports or just for a chilling day essential, these socks, with names or cute chibi icons of your favorite stars - will truly be helpers when it comes to keeping not only your feet but also your heart warm.


Don’t you all wanna go to school with items of your favorite band? You’ll never know there might be some other students sharing the same love for Kpop, too. And, who knows, this may be a bridge for you and your bestie-to-be? What a fab collab <3!


This kind of collectible is just the perfect gift for anyone having problem with keeping small personal stuffs, like: keys, USB,… Why picking those cheap, boring ones when you can have these amazing key chains with symbols or images of your Kpop stars? 


 Modern in style and design, easy to pick with various Kpop idol themes, what else are you expecting from a gift?


Idolize your bed with pillows and having your Kpop stars around you all night long - ready for journeys to the Sweetest Dreams land?


What are you still waiting for? Hit the “BUY” button right now to save yourself from one of the worst nightmares – “OUT OF STOCK”!!!

If you think your ideas are better than ours, leave us a comment below and we'll see! 


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