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10 Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Gonna Make Any Kpop Lover Says "Saranghae!"

Snowman socks and candy canes can be fun. But, who can resist the feeling of tearing apart that glossy wrapping paper to unveil the amazing presents inside which are inspired by your favorite idols of all times? After all, don’t you think the best way for a Kpop lover to celebrate another brilliant year is a Kpop-themed Christmas?


  1. Hat:

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the cold and little snow. It’s also the time when our parents keep reminding us to bundle up so why not doing it in style? Ditch the furry pompoms and show the world how swaggy you are with a Kpop snapback. Messy hair days? Boom – snapback gotcha. Cold winter days? Boom – snapback gotcha. Wanna make your #ootd 10 times cooler? Boom – snapback gotcha. Need I say more?



  1. Hoodie:

It’s not so strange if going out in winter and seeing hoodies nearly everywhere. Why putting on so-common hoodies when you can totally show off your Kpop pride with a cozy hoodie? Just don’t forget to pair it with a collar shirt for formal occasions.



  1. Calendar:

Once Christmas passes, there will be only few days left til the new year. What can be more practical yet ideal than a calendar full of your idols’ photos that will help you stay organized, keep track all their new records’ releases as well as other important events? That’s it, as long as, if you don’t get lost gazing into your bias’ eyes every time turning on a new page. 


  1. Music box:

We all know any Kpop lover’s dreamed gift could be an album of their favorite idols. What about giving something more unique? In this case, I’m talking about a whole playlist within one music box. And maybe, surprise your friends even more with those beautiful melodies but in instrumental versions like the one in this video.


  1. Phone cases:

With such technology era we’re now living in, you gotta admit, mobile phones are something you can hardly leave. And, phone gift ideas may be your hero if you’re having that hard-to-shop-for person. A perfect combination of mobility and simplicity but still helps to express the love for their favorite bias.




  1. Concert tickets:

That would be a lie if any true Kpop fan says “No” to this; especially, when your favorite idols are coming to your town at the earlier months of the year. This would definitely be the best stocking stuffer ever, in my opinion. Forget about Grandma’s kisses, aim for these tickets instead.





  1. A coffee mug:

Gathering around the fireplace with your loved ones, sharing with each other about your year with all the ups and downs, feeling the coziness surrounding all over the place,…and it will just be way better if you even have a mug full with peppermint hot chocolate, topped up with marshmallow. Oh, just don’t forget to choose those with photos of your idols to make sure they are always there with you in those special moments! 



  1. Accessories:

Some people happen to be a jewelry lover. And a necklace, a ring or earrings can never go wrong when you’re looking for something that can not only enhance your casual look but also helpful when showing love for your bias.



  1. Jacket:

Christmas – time to show off your love for idols when the temperature starts to plum and it’s you versus the weather! Simple but stylish, these pieces are perfect for either chilling days or as a layering piece on colder nights!



  1. An idol:

You might think it’s crazy, but, who knows? Christmas has always been famous for all the miracles, fairies, and other magical kinds of stuff. Just make sure to hang mistletoe in every corner of your house, be prepared and don’t forget to leave Santa some cookies just in case he’ll come visit and make the fantasy come true. An idol for a Christmas present is more than enough to make me deck the halls!!!




Above are some suggestions that, we think, would be great ideas if you’re looking for gift ideas or for your wishlist also. No matter what choice you’re going for, we all have to admit that Kpop makes everything better. So, don’t forget to treat yourself right and






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