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Where to Buy K-Pop & Korean Idols Goods? 5 Best Shopping sites for K-Pop Fans in 2017

Korean Wave (a.k.a Hallyu) never becomes hot and popular like nowadays, followed by millions of fans around the world. However, fans, fashionistas are finding it hard where to buy affordable but decent quality K-Pop apparels? Our recommended list, with the latest update of 2017, will bring you to the world of Korean style fashion, where thousands of Korean Pop Items are waiting for you!

Have a check of our recommended websites, shall we?


Just as their symbolic name, Bibimbox offer to you a "flavorful" box of K-Pop fashion taste. And for anyone who hasn't known about Korean bibimbap, the most popular dish just after kimchi, yet, it's an amazing combination of rice and various ingredients, and here's come the spotlight.

Unlike the most of the other websites, you can save your time with Bibimbox since it offers K-Pop merchandise in the whole set, from the apparel, accessories to posters or dolls of wonderful Korean music idols, you can have a better overview instead of spending the time to compare and mix the apparel together.

Go and get your Bibimbox right today!


Kpoptown has become one of the most popular sites for Hallyu followers to do shopping, especially when you spend more interest on accessories and jewelry or collectible items, this is the top choice for you. 
You can find almost any accessories, from the cute design wig to the bling-bling earings or colorful lenses here, promising any K-Pop fans will definitely get what they need here. Moreover, it will be a big mistake without mentioning about the Hallyu-themed items, even food, that you can find here to have a swank collection of you own.

Discover the colorful world of accessories with Kpoptown!


You will be immediately impressed by the very first moment you visit Allkpop, with this site, apparels seem to come in very simple but styled designs. Many cool apparels can be found here, from a funny slogan Tee to a dope crewneck sweatshirt that can make you become the attention center wherever you go.

Besides the ordinary outfit designs, the "superstar" will be the collaboration products with famous boybands like B.A.P or VIXX, etc.. this assures you a limited edition of K-Pop styled apparels that you can not find elsewhere but here.

Who is the swagger yeah!



Besides the excellent music and magical dance moves, fashion also takes a big role to make the K-Pop become globally famous. No one can deny the dope fashion taste of Korean Idols, superstars. And this is what K-Idolstuff comes for, and it's a truly uprising star.

Fans can find series of amazing designs here, from BIGBANG sweater to BTS T-shirts or baseball jersey in the latest concert of SNSD. K-Idolstuff offers Hallyu followers a giant complete collection of Korean style fashion, where every fan will have a style-gasm.

Are you ready to get yours?



If you are struggling with the idea where to find high-quality music albums or photo books, etc... or having K-Drama fever, Kpopmart will be the site you need to visit.
With various categories of famous musical products, visual photo books and they also make another step further in the cinematic field by offering the popular Korean drama series, which are loved globally by million of fans. Kpopmart brings up a whole much larger overview of Hallyu culture in general, not just only focuses on the music part of it.

Grab your popcorn and chill!


How do you think about our recommendations? It's great, isn't it?

However, please give us your ideas or any further information/ question, feel free to leave us comments below. 


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